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... Close your eyes and imagine a thread of hot melted scented soy wax running over your body. This is the Candle Massage, an American technique that won the field of beauty and became a success. The purpose of Candle Massage is to stimulate the senses, using a special candle which is prepared with aromatic & beneficial oils to offer accordingly, unique relaxation, eroticism, wellness, harmony by touching all the senses ...

Experience unique moments of romance and intense erotic passion with the exceptional candle EROS / CANDLE MASSAGE of SoapMeUp, for your very personal moments!

-Contains cocoa butter, mango, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil, beeswax, soy wax & coconut wax.
-The mixture of essential oils of sandalwood, cedar, frankincense, lime, nutmeg, orange, black pepper, geranium, cinnamon leaves and marigold creates a sensual note in the atmosphere.
-Vitamin E nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin.

-The wood wick made of natural wood made from fruit trees, non-toxic, lead-free, zinc-free and paraffin-free, adds an extra touch of warmth as it burns, creating this characteristic soft rustle of burning wood.


It causes a sense of harmony and prosperity.

-Softens and softens the skin.

Offers the skin an optimal dose of hydration.

Enhances the natural protective functions of the skin.

Have fun!

instructions for use

Turn it on EROS / CANDLE MASSAGE of SoapMeUp, and let the candle burn for 20 minutes. During this time, your space will be flooded with its fragrant, exotic aroma, creating a refreshing atmosphere in your space, taking you to a peak of excitement and sensuality.
Extinguish the candle, which has turned into a fragrant oil, throw it in your palm and spread it with slow, tender movements on your lover's back, or wherever you want, giving him a gentle massage.
The warm oil will leave its skin soft and silky, while its intoxicating aroma will awaken the senses, raising the libido vertically.


SoapMeUp's advice:

In order not to create an unwanted dent in the wax, it is better to let it burn at least until the whole top layer melts.

If, however, wax residues have formed on the walls, place the candle in a baking pan until it melts and massage as usual.


-Avoid burning the product for many hours.

-Always check the temperature before application. 

-Do not be used as an aromatic space.


-Luxury large glass glass 30cl, painted externally matte black and internally gold with wooden wick.

-Dimension: φ7.9cm x 9.3cm.

-Capacity: 200gr.

Burning hours: ~ 40 hours