Who we are

In Soap Me Up, we are proud of everything we produce. Our production is only available online, it is small and therefore can change & evolve over time.
But there are some things that remain constant such as our attention to detail, the quality of our products and our sincere care for all of you who trusted us and used our products.

  • As a base for our products we use Cretan olive oil in combination with vegetable butters & oils from around the world, essential oils & natural dyes.
  • We do not experiment on animals.
  • We respect nature and our customers.
  • We try hard - and the truth is that most of the time we do it - our products have almost zero footprint for the environment from production to packaging.
  • Our preparations have been created and developed through traditional recipes, after personal research and study on natural products, herbs and their properties, based on the literature.
  • We do not claim that they have therapeutic or medicinal properties and in no case should they replace medical advice and treatments.
  • As soft and pure from additives and chemicals as a soap
    cold method or any of our products - remember - that infants & children under 12 years and infants have a different pH from adults so they are not considered suitable for them.
  • Due to the essential oils & natural ingredients they contain may not be suitable for people with thyroid, allergies or people receiving holistic or other medical treatments.
  • Always consult your doctor & pediatrician.