I have sensitive skin. Can I use your products?

In our laboratory we use 100% natural certified raw materials for the production of our products. The excellent pure raw materials in combination with the way of production make our handmade natural products suitable for people with sensitive skin.

How do you flavor and color your products?

Our products do not contain preservatives. They are naturally colored from the juices of fruits, herbs or mineral colors and are flavored with essential oils or certified fragrances suitable for food or cosmetic use.

How can I keep my soap longer?

Olive oil soaps do not like moisture. Keep dry after each use. For best results, place them in suitable soap dispensers so that they can drain. This way your natural soaps are preserved longer.

Which method of saponification do you use and why?

Our handmade soaps are made with the first base of the extra virgin Cretan olive oil, pure water, herbs and essential oils following the cold method of saponification to preserve their valuable ingredients. Cold saponification produces natural glycerin, which remains in the soap making it soft but better for our skin.

This is a unique way of production, environmentally friendly as it requires minimal energy and no waste is generated.

Our soaps remain for at least 2-6 months on the curing benches until they are ready for use, thus preserving all the valuable ingredients of olive oil and other vegetable butters or oils that they may contain.

Are your soaps suitable for shampooing and washing your face?

Soap Me Up handmade soaps are suitable for face, body and hair. Choose the one that suits you according to your needs. Browse our website and choose the one that suits you best. If again you can not decide or have questions we are here for you.

Can I use your baby products?

Although all our products are carefully made with the purest materials in the correct dosages and maturation times, they are NOT recommended for children under 12 years old and especially in infants due to the different Ph that their skin has. You can always consult your pediatrician.