Relaxing Lavender

Relaxing Lavender

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With the scent of French lavender for moments of relaxation.
Scented candle tarts for burners are a solid variant of essential oils and are even easier to use as they do not require the addition of water or extra oil. They have a long duration and can be reheated at least two more times, which makes them even more economical.

They are ecological, made from soy wax and with almost zero ethyl imprint.

-Avoid use in a room with children under 10 years.
-We make sure the space is properly ventilated.
-Place a lozenge in the combustion appliance in a room of not less than 40sqm.
-The lozenges need at least 10-15΄ to release their perfumes.
-Never place more than one lozenge in the device, unless the space is larger than 80sqm. or external.
-You can repeat the process with the remnants of the melted wax for at least 2 more times.
-When you want to change them, simply peel off the residue gently or when it is still in liquid form, empty it, put absorbent paper or cotton and clean it.
- The information that accompanies our products is for informing our customers about their safe uses & properties and is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of any disease.
You are responsible for the understanding and safe use of these products.

Design: heart
Package 15pcs. ~ 105gr.