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The most favorite perfume blend. Fresh orange, married with the deep, mysterious and seductive aroma of cinnamon!

*Tip: Excellent also as anti-smoking indoors.

Description: Monochrome bar in orange color.

Fragrance intensity: Strong

-Small Bar ~50g.

-Large Bar ~85g.

  • Note:

  • Each batch is entirely handmade. Therefore, the colors may differ slightly from the photo but in no case their quality and fragrances.

    Aroma bars should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture.

    Disclaimer Information:

    •Some of our fragrances may resemble similar branded products. However, we have no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer brand and should not be confused with the originals.

    •May not be suitable for people with allergies or respiratory problems. Always consult your doctor.

    •Keep them away from children & pets,

    - Avoid use in a room with children under 10 years old.
    - We make sure the space is properly ventilated.
    -Place a lozenge in the combustion device in a room no smaller than 40 square meters.
    - The lozenges need at least 10-15 minutes to release their aromas.
    -One lozenge can cover an interior space of up to 45 sq.m.
    -You can repeat the process with the remains of the melted wax for at least 2 more times.
    -Do not leave the combustion device unattended.
    -When you want to change them, just gently peel off the remains or when they are still in liquid form, empty or place absorbent paper or paper towels and clean.
    -You are responsible for the understanding and safe use of said products.
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