Xmas Candle / OH DEER

Xmas Candle / OH DEER

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Candle in a black luxurious container with inner gold coating, wooden wick, lid and a wonderful scent of pine, with notes of wood, & citrus. A fresh scent reminiscent of a morning walk in the forest.


-Luxury large glass 30cl, painted matt black on the outside and gold on the inside with a wooden wick.

-Dimension: φ7.9cm x 9.3cm.

-Capacity: 200g.

-Burning hours: ~45h if the care of the candles is followed correctly.

-Fragrance: Discreet, Mild.

- Covers a room of ~45 sq.m.

*Proper burning instructions: Cut your candle wick to 0.5-0.8cm. Let your candle burn the first time until there is a wet layer of melted wax all over it. Safe burning for these candles is considered up to 4 hours at a time. Before each use, always trim the burnt remains of the wick (in the form of ash, not the blackened ones) with a pair of scissors or by hand.

**Always follow candle safety guidelines for safe burning and maximum lifespan of your candle.

**Make sure to always ventilate your space before and after use.